A Look Back on the Google Phishing Attack

A massive and unusually sophisticated phishing campaign took place a few weeks ago targeting users of Google’s Gmail service. I wanted to look back and provide some thoughts on the attack and provide some tips so you can be prepared for the next attack.

The attack began around 4 pm on May 3rd as Gmail users received an email with an invite to a Google Doc that appeared to be from a person they would know. Attempting to access the Doc would direct the user to authorize a fake Google app that was hosted on an actual Google page. Once the app was authorized, the attacker would then draw from the user’s contacts to send the offending email to even more people.


Cyber Security in Today’s Business World from BluWave Forum

In early March, we were invited to speak at the newly minted BluWave Forum in Washington, D.C.  The meeting was held at the Army/Navy club and it was similar to presenting at a museum.  The topic was cybersecurity and I was just coming back from the RSA conference in San Francisco. I had quite a bit to communicate with those outside of the security bubble.  The meeting which included 10-15 CEOs and leaders from throughout the country covered three recent cybersecurity stories.  The presentation went very well but I may have frightened a few of the folks in the room with the threats that are coming from various bad actors across the globe.


Why You Should Take Spam Email Seriously

There can hardly be a person who has used a computer in the last ten years who hasn’t received a spam email at some point or another. For most of us, this is a daily occurrence, a nuisance that can be filed alongside the daily commute and packaging that won’t open properly. It rarely occurs to many of us why we receive so much spam. While it is pretty obvious that there is a basic commercial imperative behind a lot of spam, why is this particular marketing technique so prevalent in the modern world?

Quite simply…because it works! Pitching goods via spam earns the people engaged in it hundreds of millions of dollars per business per year, while the cost and time involved in sending spam is somewhere between negligible and non-existent. (more…)

Protecting Your Inbox from Spam

Protect your Inbox from SpamOpening your mailbox only to find it filled with spammed mail can give you a real headache. It is a real nightmare to sort through your valuable mail when you have tens or hundreds of spam messages in the mix. Spam is an unsolicited email, usually used for commercial purposes such as advertisement of a product or a service.

There are several ways to get rid of these nuisances.

Using Internet Security or Anti-Spam Software

One of the best ways to stop spam is to (more…)