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Protecting Your Inbox from Spam

Protecting Your Inbox from Spam

Opening your mailbox only to find it filled with spammed mail can give you a real headache. It is a real nightmare to sort through your valuable mail when you have tens or hundreds of spam messages in the mix. Spam is an unsolicited email, usually used for commercial purposes such as advertisement of a product or a service.

There are several ways to get rid of these nuisances.

Using Internet Security or Anti-Spam Software

One of the best ways to stop spam is to install anti-spam software or a security suite on your computer. This filters out spam emails and transfers them to the junk folder. Usually the top anti-virus programs include an Internet security suite, which is equipped with spam blockers. If you already have an anti-virus program installed, check whether a spam blocker is included. If not, then you don’t need to get a new anti virus, just a spam blocking software. There are many good spam blockers available on the web, some for free.


Using the Anti-Spam From Your Email Provider

There is always a spam filter offered by your email service provider. It creates a filter by email address and re-directs those emails to the junk mailbox. It allows you to set your junk email settings to the maximum level where you can only receive emails from your known and trusted contacts. Save your time cleaning your inbox and locating your desired emails.

Understanding Phishing and Protecting Your Wallet

One of the most dangerous types of spam that many people encounter is a phishing email. Claiming to be sent from reputed organizations, these emails ask for your personal information which if you give away will allow them to steal your identity. In such cases it is advised that you forward these emails to the concerned organization and delete it from your inbox or computer. This would allow the organization to warn others who have received the email and follow up on the trail.

Anti-Spam Provided by Hosting Services

If you have your own domain name, you can to stop spam emails getting from through to your computer by using the anti-spam solution provided by the website host. Today most email hosting services and web hosting have high level anti-spam solutions to provide greater protection to their clients.

Multiple Email IDs

Another excellent way of filtering spam is to use multiple email addresses. Simply make two email IDs X and Y. Use X to register on websites or for other external purposes. Use Y for private or business purposes. That way you can manage your important mail and stay away from spam easily.

Contact Thrive Networks

If your business is struggling with managing spam, viruses, and/or spyware, Thrive Networks can help. Our Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware services keep your organization safe from today’s most sophisticated threats – before they hit the enterprise. We allow you to off-load all of the management required, by leaving the installation, configuration, and monitoring of anti-virus and anti-spyware software to us. For more information on how Thrive can help, click here.