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Stopping Ransomware – The U.S. Government Provides Valuable Resource for Ransomware Awareness

Stopping Ransomware – The U.S. Government Provides Valuable Resource for Ransomware Awareness

Chances are, you’ve heard about Ransomware.

It’s been a menace to businesses the world over. Companies and organizations large and small have been affected.

The Thrive team has shared tips on staying safe from Ransomware over the years through our blog and social media channels. And, of course, we’ve helped our customers fight Ransomware on the front lines, and even recover their data after a ransomware attack.

There’s no question cyber attacks are continually on the rise. Even Warren Buffet chimed in, naming cyber threats the biggest problem with mankind.

The U.S. Government has certainly taken notice of Ransomware and other cyber threats. President Biden signed an executive order for strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity.

Anne Neuberger, deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology, stated that no company is safe from the threats.

Location and size of business have no bearing on whether you’ll be targeted.

Now, it is true larger organizations may have more valuable data – but their defenses are usually more robust. Smaller companies may not have the most attractive data or the biggest budget for paying for a ransom, but they may not have the strongest cybersecurity.

Bottom line: make cybersecurity and threat awareness a priority.

Stopping Ransomware with a new ransomware awareness resource

Stop Ransomware is an official website from the United States government that provides resources, news, and alerts concerning cybersecurity and Ransomware. There are even links for reporting ransomware incidents.

So, what is exactly is Ransomware?

From the Stop Ransomware website:

“Ransomware is a form of malware designed to encrypt files on a device, rendering any files and the systems that rely on them unusable. Malicious actors then demand ransom in exchange for decryption. is the U.S. Government’s official one-stop location for resources to tackle Ransomware more effectively.”

Visit Stop Ransomware now at

3 tips to keep safe from Ransomware

The Stop Ransomware website has plenty of tips and information to help you keep safe from Ransomware.

Here are three top tips to keep in mind:

1. Practice good cyber hygiene
Being vigilant and careful when online and in your inbox is a good foundation for keeping safe from Ransomware. Avoid risky emails and attachments, and don’t visit risky websites. Stay informed of the latest threats – and keep your staff in the loop, too! Human error can certainly be costly.

2. Keep it all patch
When your applications are updated, oftentimes, vulnerabilities are patched. This is the same for your operating systems. Thus, regular maintenance and updates are essential to your network and cybersecurity efforts.

3. Back it up!
Data backups are the ultimate last line in your network defenses. When all else fails, a good data backup can get you back to business. But, not all backups are the same. Off-site replication and image-based backups are two important considerations. Managed backups are also available.