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Staying Ahead of Ransomware: The Importance of Immutability

Staying Ahead of Ransomware: The Importance of Immutability

What Is Immutability?

In the basic sense, to be immutable means to be unchangeable. Something that is fixed, set, or permanent can also be said to be immutable. 

In the world of cybersecurity and disaster recovery, immutability is important – immutable backups mean that they are fully protected from tampering or deletion. While we don’t want all files to be immutable, adding this barrier of protection to your routine backups – or even at the SAN layer with immutable snapshots – could be the difference between a minor security hiccup and full-blown ransomware disaster.

Why Is Immutability Important?

An immutable repository protects your data from modification, tampering, and even deletion from bad actors, disgruntled employees, or even accidental modification. It allows data to be read, but never changed or removed, thus making it a safer choice when it comes to your organization’s data backups.

The majority of organizations are now running routine backups, but simply having backups available without also protecting them promotes a false sense of security. In fact, only