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Small Businesses are Prime Targets for Cyber Attackers

Small Businesses are Prime Targets for Cyber Attackers

Some small-business owners are under the impression that cyber criminals are only looking for large targets.

After all, the big corporations have much more to steal and hold for ransom. Right?

While massive corporations can certainly be coveted targets for cyberattack, the reality is most hackers are quite indiscriminate. And many revel in targeting smaller businesses.

Why is this?

Big corporations typically have the necessary budget, staff, and expertise to provide potent cybersecurity. Successfully attacking a large company requires a supremely crafty attack and/or an egregious security blunder — on the part of the target — to exploit.

Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may not have the resources to cobble together adequate defense. There’s typically a deficiency in resources, knowledge, or budget. Because of this, hackers can have a much higher chance of successfully defeating a small business’s security (if they have any) versus breaching the many-layered defense of a mammoth corporation.

According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, of the security incidents in their study:

43% of data breaches involved small businesses.

So, all businesses need to push security to the forefront of their priorities. And no vertical is untouchable.


“How do we get cyber-secure?”

You might be asking yourselves this question. Well, you can go the DIY route or hire a an experienced managed security provider.

The former can be quite time-consuming, as you’ll need ample time to ramp up your infrastructure, find talent, and get your security regime up and running. This can certainly be a costly endeavor. And don’t forget the need to stay on top of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

By partnering with a managed security provider, you can hit the ground running with your security. You can instantly tap into the experience and skillset of their team, and you won’t have the burden of keeping up with the latest cyber threats.

“Whether you want us to manage one aspect of your network security to all of it, we’re ready to keep you, your staff, and your data safe,” said Brian Walker. “Our team has a lot of experience protecting companies and organizations in all manner of industries.

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