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SharePoint for Business Automation: From Simple to Complex

Business Process Automation involves the conversion of manual, paper-based processes to an electronic system that removes most of their inherent lag times, variability and human errors. Most people already understand the benefits of automation, but they may not know what types of processes can be automated – or how to automate them. 

In many cases, businesses can achieve a great deal of automation with the software they’re already using. This is where SharePoint and Office 365 come into play. In this blog, we’ll begin by discussing some of the simpler automation processes and progress to more complex solutions.

Surveys and Data Collection 

We’re often asked to collect information from colleagues, team members and vendors, and that information may range from lunch orders to preferred meeting times. Collection is always a hassle. With manual and paper-based processes, someone’s got to type the survey, print multiple copies and drop them off on everyone’s desks. They also have to keep a written list of responders, so they know who has yet to reply. Email has improved this process, but manual data collection still requires a manual tally. 

Fortunately, survey data can easily be captured and stored in a single SharePoint list. SharePoin