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The Thrive Colocation Difference

You are likely to be well on your journey to the cloud, but what about those applications that are not cloud-ready, or where there is a reluctance to place them in a public cloud? You now face disproportionate expense to keep these on your premises and the ROI of moving to a Co-Lo is more attractive than ever before.

The challenge is finding a Co-Lo service that can become an extension of your own facilities and a partner that can be an extension of your IT team. You want guaranteed reliability and security; you need flexibility not rigid lock-in, and you want more than just rack space – you are looking for a personalised service that meet your needs.

That’s why Thrive has created a purpose-built data centre, ready for you to use as your private cloud estate, or as part of a diversified hybrid set-up.

Key Benefits of Thrive Colocation

  • COST REDUCTION – You remove the costs of real-estate, power, cooling and security associated with keeping your equipment on-premises. You benefit from our economies of scale and a modern efficient facility provided at a predictable monthly cost.
  • RESILIENCE – We have the scale to provide the greatest level of resilience with a guaranteed 100% uptime complemented with fully redundant connectivity options.
  • SECURITY – You have the peace of mind that your equipment is secure with our ISO27001 managed facility and all of the capabilities to secure physical and cyber access.
  • AN EXTENSION OF YOUR FACILITY – We want you to call our facility home; you have access at any time and can use our staging lab, meeting rooms and hot-desks when required.
  • PART OF YOUR VIRTUAL TEAM – We provide you with much more than a space. Our team work closely with you to augment your resources and provide the on-site assistance you need, when you need it.

Take a Guided Tour of Our Data Centre

Our Tier 3+ data centre in Luton has provided our clients with over ten years of 100% uptime. With this in mind, we would like to invite you to come and see it in action on one of our guided tours.

You’ll have the opportunity to see both our colocation and private cloud services, and meet our cloud and datacentre experts, who will discuss any specific requirements you have and answer your questions.