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Secure Score – Blocking Automatic Forwarding

Secure Score – Blocking Automatic Forwarding

Secure Score is a service provided by Microsoft to give administrators a guideline of how to better secure their tenant. Think of it as a credit score for Office 365. Guideline tasks can vary from reviewing audit logs to enabling MFA on all user accounts.

In this article, we will address a specific secure score metric — Enable Client Rules Forwarding Block Advanced Action. We’d like to address this specifically, as the rules that Secure Score assist you in making do not work as intended and do not cover all bases when it comes to disabling the Auto Forwarding feature in Exchange Admin.

Exchange Admin – Mail Flow / Transport Rules

When using Secure Score and looking at the Enable Client Rules Forwarding Block Advanced Action metric, you will notice that they have an option to “Apply” a rule to your Exchange Admin Center.

The rule that Microsoft creates attempts to filter messages that are received internally and block them if they have the type of “Auto-Forward” and are sent to an external organization. The purpose of this rule is to minimize the possibility of sensitive information leaving your organization (especially without you knowing it).

There are a few issues with this rule.

For one, this rule only blocks auto-forwarding if the message was sent from someone inside your organization and you auto-forward it outside. This me