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Retention is the Critical Component for the Strength of Women in Technology

Retention is the Critical Component for the Strength of Women in Technology

State of Women in Technology

Companies in the tech industry are always scrambling to find qualified IT talent. Achieving greater female representation in those technology roles requires companies to think outside of the box to recruit and retain women in areas such as cybersecurity and software engineering.

According to the ISC2 Women in Cybersecurity report, women make up only 24% of the overall workforce, and another report showed about the same percentage of women account for data and AI positions in the workforce.

While these numbers slowly creep up each year, it’s not fast enough to keep up with the opportunity and demand in the technology industry.

However, Thrive is an industry leader that is committed to making a positive impact. Currently, women make up 40% of Thrive’s Platform team and the company is actively recruiting to increase that percentage.

“At Thrive, we are thrilled to be working alongside the most talented women in tech,” said Foster Hardie, VP, Digital Platform Architecture at Thrive. “From engineering and technical support to financial and  cybersecurity, we empower women throughout our technology ecosystem to grow and succeed.”

Focus on Retention

What’s also concerning is that women are leaving the tech industry at a 45% higher rate than men. Bias, microaggressions and being passed over from promotions are huge factors for women leaving the IT workforce.

So, while it’s difficult to increase the female representation in the technology space, it’s even more difficult to maintain that demographic diversity. This ‘quicksand effect’ shines a light on the imperative of retention alongside the importance of recruiting.

Choosing the Right Place, Right Culture

The tech industry can recruit all day every day, but retention is the critical component to moving the needle. However, only 38% of CIOs say that talent acquisitions and retention strategies are key issues.

To truly make an impact, the entire tech industry must unite to make a positive change in women’s representation in the tech workforce. A big step in the right direction is changing company culture to demonstrate inclusion and build trust in the workplace so that women feel heard, respected and that they belong.

Thrive has stayed one step ahead from the norm by providing training and support for its female tech employees.

“I’ve been at Thrive for 15 years and I’ve grown as a team member and a leader of this company,” said Jackie Erickson, Director of Platform Operations at Thrive. “Throughout my time at Thrive, I’ve moved up the ranks from a support professional to a director of our critical platform operations. The amount of support and training Thrive has given me is a testament to the company’s inclusive culture that also recognizes and rewards women in technology roles.”

Investing in the Next Generation of Tech Talent

It’s crucial that the tech industry invests in the next generation of women tech talent through support, mentoring and providing available resources to contribute to their growth and development.

One great resource is the Women in Technology (WIT) organization. This group is made up of a dedicated team of female professionals committed to empowering women to be architects of change in the technology industry.

At Thrive, we strive to make the best team of professionals. In our numerous employee spotlight blogs, our amazing team and culture are often touted as our secret to success. While there is an effort to increase awareness about women in tech in our industry, Thrive already leads the way as a company that focuses on its people and a place where everyone can ‘thrive’.