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March 22, 2023
By: Thrive

4 Ways Thrive Helps Government Organizations

March 6, 2023
By: Stephanie Farrell, VP of Marketing

Employee Spotlight: Chris Moore, VP of Solutions Architecture

February 28, 2023
By: Thrive

Thrive Expands Global Partner Certification Program with Technical Certification, Growing Course Catalog


Case Studies

Thrive provides the right IT fit for a State Government Agency in Florida

CHALLENGE A state agency in Florida was saddled with end-of-life, on-premise IT equipment and needed to make a significant capital investment for an upgrade. Replacing the equipment every five years costs nearly half a million…


A Florida college overhauls its disaster recovery capability in less than two weeks with Thrive

CHALLENGE The college had less than two weeks to prevent mission-critical systems from going dark during a planned 48-hour power outage due to campus construction. If the web servers went down, summer-session students would not…


Thrive enhances IT Infrastructure for a growing Florida-based law firm

CHALLENGE The law firm, with two Florida offices and 19 satellite locations across the country, was expanding and dealing with end-of-life services and required IT infrastructure updates. The firm relied on a physical infrastructure with…


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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

White Paper

Best Practices for Building a SharePoint Intranet for the Remote Workforce

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Microsoft 365 Email & Collaboration Protection

Managed Zero Trust Secure Network Access

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)


January 8, 2021

The Thrive Platform: NextGen IT Service Delivery

For businesses of any size, keeping employees connected, working and productive is critical. But managing the IT needs of an organisation is complicated. That’s why the NextGen technology experts at Thrive have created the Thrive…