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Private Cloud’s New Big Player

CloudWe all know that cloud is a huge part of IT today and it is always changing. There are many options to consider such as public or private cloud? Private cloud is about to get its new biggest player. Gartner forecasts that public cloud spending will increase 18% in 2017 and odds are you know that Microsoft Azure is a big player in the public cloud. Microsoft has been making a large push to grow its hosting business with great success. A different style of public cloud is to turn to a trusted local provider that can supply the same functions but in a more customizable solution tailored to the individual customer. To this end, Microsoft recently introduced Azure Stack.

Azure Stack lets providers setup the same services offered within Azure itself but running in their own datacenters. This means you can work with a trusted advisor to build solutions that fit your exact business case – be that compliance related or perhaps you already have hosted servers with them. While still very new to market there are major hardware vendors behind this. Dell, HP, and Lenovo all have validated hardware deployments to extend Azure directly into local datacenters.

There is a myriad of use cases for Azure Stack. One example is to build the core components of a customer facing application at your provider’s datacenter to provide the security and network routing back to your office and then scale out the front-end processing for client connections to the public Azure cloud on the fly. With Azure Stack, a hybrid solution such as this became a true possibility all while using the same web portals developed by Microsoft to manage the entire setup.

If any of this sounds like it fits a business need you are facing be sure to reach out to Thrive’s team to learn more about how we can build a customized solution that checks every box you have on your checklist.