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Police Departments Need to Partner with Private Sector Cybersecurity Experts to Thwart Attacks and Prevent Ransomware Crises

Police Departments Need to Partner with Private Sector Cybersecurity Experts to Thwart Attacks and Prevent Ransomware Crises

Law enforcement agencies are under attack. Increasingly they are a new favorite target for cybercriminals. Judicial entities and law enforcement agencies are having to defend themselves against faceless criminals to protect the highly sensitive data in their possession, including personal information on officers, civilians, criminals, judges, prosecutors, ongoing investigations, closed cases, and more. A breach of this type of private information is highly attractive for bad actors that want to leverage it for extortion, monetary gain, and other potentially devastating consequences like preventing officers from performing their duties effectively, influencing court proceedings, and ultimately jeopardizing the safety of individuals and communities. 

Security failures of this magnitude can result in significant liability and undermine the trust and confidence of constituents within these agencies, and their ability to function on behalf of the public. Cybersecurity teams within law enforcement agencies are under new and growing pressures due to an expanding vulnerability attack surface. The pace and complexity of these threats, the expanding number of point solutions, vendors, and increasing amounts of data make the entirety of a public sector CIOs effort harder to keep pace with.

Sprinkle in a dozen or more frameworks and continually evolving regulations that the public sector has to comply with, it quickly becomes impossible to ‘go it alone’ as a security strategy.

In particular, police departments are coping with a lack of internal training and protocols, outdated systems, and a historical shortage of IT personnel creating internal urgency to prioritize the protection of their classified data. Outsourcing data protection to a private sector cybersecurity expert is an effective, fast, and sustainable approach to combating cyber threats. 

Finding A Partner That Can Protect Public Sector Security Infrastructure

A managed service provider (MSP) can function like a cybersecurity SWAT team. From strategy development to solution implementation and maintenance, finding the right partner to help operations is essential, especially in light of the onslaught of attacks on the astronomical volume of sensitive data being generated by connected devices in an always-on world. A recent prediction shows the current 15 billion devices operating globally will balloon to 30 billion devices in 2030– all generating data, all allowing for infrastructure vulnerabilities. 

At Thrive, our cybersecurity experts can help law enforcement agencies effectively manage risks in a cost-efficient, timely manner. Through a comprehensive IT solution offering that includes multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and backup and recovery services, Thrive is proving essential to dozens of local and state police departments; preventing data loss and minimizing the impact of cyberattacks.

Thrive’s team of expert personnel has years of experience in cybersecurity and IT and provides round-the-clock monitoring and support, as well as regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, to identify any potential weaknesses and ensure that networks are protected before hackers can even strike. 

Protect and serve takes on new meaning.

Cyberattacks against federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies will continue to grow. Thrive’s cybersecurity experts are ready to help safeguard your networks and the communities you serve. Contact Thrive to learn more.