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Partner Alignment: A Critical Component for Success

Partner Alignment: A Critical Component for Success

As the volume of suppliers continues to grow at a rapid rate, Partners have access to a multitude of different technologies and services, with Master Agents providing expert guidance and a strong set of resources to aid in the selection process. The negative side of this influx of vendors is that without a carefully considered approach, it creates an environment where the focus is less on understanding each Partner’s unique needs and each Supplier’s core offerings and instead limits it to the singular opportunity.  This narrow view contributes to less relationship development and continuity within the Channel, something Thrive believes is vital to the partner experience and to winning business.

Thrive has worked over the past year to build an account ownership element to our Channel Program to provide added value to our Partners and enhance their user experience. As a part of this new approach, when a partner reaches out to us in any form, they are assigned to a Thrive Sales Representative who then becomes the dedicated POC for that Partner moving forward. We also set up introductory calls that focus solely on understanding each Partners’ business, expertise, and client base to form a high-level partnership strategy and maximize efficiency.  Our goal is simply to provide a user friendly, relationship-driven experience for our partners as we continue to help guide them toward finding the right solutions for their clients.

Yes, the goal is always to put ourselves in a position to receive opportunities that fit our core services and then work with our partners to win that business.  However, for us it goes one step further.  Regardless of whether the given opportunity is even a fit, we want to ultimately form a lasting relationship with that partner, one that generates repeat business, and gives us a chance to most effectively align with them by understanding the key elements of their business.  This added cadence also enables us to be available for guidance and to exhibit our consultative approach to their customers. This approach has resulted in an ever-growing group of partners that understand exactly when to bring Thrive into an opportunity, as well as a dramatically increasing win rate.

We look forward to continued Channel success, and want all of our partners to know that we are always available.

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