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Is Old Man Winter Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Is Old Man Winter Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

So far in 2020:

In Canada, Newfoundland was hit with a huge blizzard that produced 75 centimeters of snow in a single day with wind gusts of up to 150 kilometers an hour, knocking out power, unleashing an avalanche, and burying the Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas in deep snow. The storm caused a state of emergency and even the military has been called in to help dig residents out.

Meanwhile, the northeast US was hit with a huge storm including snow, rain, and then more snow, and left cities like Boston slick with ice.

Across the globe we’ve seen powerful winter snow, rain and windstorms in Spain, causing civilian evacuations to escape from heavy flooding of the coastal towns. Unfortunately, there’s no such escape possible for brick and mortar businesses. Crippling bushfires, ash rain, and flash floods have devastated huge swaths of land in Australia, destroying wilderness and towns alike. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Australian winds produced dust storms and thunderstorms across central New South Wales , producing conditions and lightning that sparked even more bush fires in a self-perpetuating firestorm catastrophe.

It’s probably no surprise that these extreme and increasingly common weather conditions can make equipment maintenance more difficult, and power outages even more likely. The latest storms are winter’s friendly reminder, whether your region is facing record snowfall, or just one bad storm, that your organization’s disaster recovery plan needs to be ready.

Preparing for Winter Disaster Recovery

As natural disasters continue to grow in scale, longevity, and geographic footprint, companies of all sizes and all locations need to prepare for the chance of a weather-related natural disaster by turning to cloud for disaster recovery. Cloud disaster recovery provides geographical diversity along with quick recovery times to keep your company running reliably. If