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Meet FinTech Compliance Mandates with Thrive’s Tailored IT Platform

Meet FinTech Compliance Mandates with Thrive’s Tailored IT Platform

Financial services firms have an abundance of responsibility and challenges when it comes to information technology. Thrive’s FinTech Platform helps organizations manage and solve those IT challenges while also maintaining industry compliance mandates.

Through decades of experience and knowledge of the industry, Thrive utilizes SEC, FINRA, and SIPC guidances, risk alerts, and observations when developing an actionable IT and cyber security plan. Furthermore, Thrive is the ideal partner to assist alternative investment firms to evolve beyond on-premise architectures and capitalize on the compliance-friendly Cloud.

The On-Premise Model Shifts

Historically, emerging Cloud architecture has given organizations pause. However, the on-premise model is becoming unsustainable and COVID-19 is exponentially accelerating that process. During the last year, I’ve talked to financial services organizations with a server cabinet in the office who had to spend support time on physical infrastructure and server issues. Others have required upgrades to VPN licenses or requested more bandwidth to ensure efficient remote access. That time and money would have been better spent developing a future-proof Cloud architecture.

Rather than investing in aging infrastructure, it makes much more business sense to leverage Thrive’s Hybrid Cloud Director to pivot workloads to a Cloud environment. For instance, an organization may have training applications or a portfolio system that need to be in the private Cloud, whether for cyber security reasons or performance reasons. However, there may be other applications housed with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). The all-or-nothing approach does not apply to modern Cloud computing where everything must be in a public Cloud such as AWS or in a private Cloud. Thrive has built the FinTech Platform to move workloads between a public Cloud and Thrive’s private Cloud infrastructure, and it’s all done seamlessly in a frictionless, compliance-friendly manner.

Compliance Solutions Through the Thrive FinTech Platform

When new SEC and FINRA regulations are announced, Thrive’s Account Management team is in contact with clients to confirm they understand any compliance changes which are relevant to their business. Thrive’s Service Delivery Engineers specialize in financial services applications and are well aware of their critical impact to your business. Senior Principal Consultants, meanwhile, provide advisory services and consult clients on a regular basis to discuss potential risks while developing infrastructure recommendations.

With a steadfast commitment to maintaining customers’ compliance and cyber security postures, Thrive understands the need for ongoing communication and partnership. As such, we create an annual roadmap to inform customers of the following:

  • The state of their IT infrastructure
  • What peers in the industry are doing
  • Recommended investments in their IT infrastructure.

Thrive’s FinTech Platform manages the full investment lifecycle, while our private Cloud platform delivers enterprise-grade service from multiple SSAE 16 SOC 2 data centers. Learn more about our FinTech Platform and what we offer to alternative investment management and hedge fund communities.