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Maximizing Your Microsoft Investment

Maximizing Your Microsoft Investment

Digital transformation is not a one-time project, and does not occur overnight. It’s a continuous process that changes as technology evolves and organizational needs develop.

Thrive offers tailored solutions, with a focus on bringing end users into the equation, to drive long-term success for organizations. Our Office 365 Center of Excellence (CoE) is a managed services solution that understands moving targets and changing goals. When utilized properly, clients discover Office 365 improves productivity and maximizes their investment.

Leveraging the Digital Tools at Your Fingertips

A business assessment is the first step to understanding how to best leverage the power of Office 365. Is a basic business license enough, or should a more advanced license be used? How many employees use the products, and are they in the office or remote? Everything should be taken into consideration during the assessment workshop, as we gather key stakeholders and show opportunities for improvement on the road to digital transformation.

When devising a governance plan, guidelines, policies, and processes should always align with the vision and business roadmap. However, this roadmap alignment is not always carved into stone, and changes will occur. Opportunities arise to revisit the roadmap, implement feedback from end users, and make feature additions or software changes as new technology is released or business needs evolve. Your governance plan should account for this evolution.

A defined strategy and governance plan sets the stage for a proper architecture to be put in place. This architecture includes which Office 365 tools will be in use, aligning the necessary ap