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Massive Ransomware Attack Affecting Hundreds of Thousands of Consumers

Massive Ransomware Attack Affecting Hundreds of Thousands of Consumers

Recent news of a massive cyber ransomware attack on a significant UK business has created one of the largest known impacts on UK businesses and consumers.

This attack by a notorious ransomware group on the major UK outsourcing company Capita continues to impact hundreds of thousands of people three to four weeks after being first reported.

This blog details the attack and its consequences and offers thoughts on how smaller businesses can prepare for these risks.

What happened?

In March, Capita publicly admitted that it had become another large organisation that was the victim of a targeted ransomware attack. Capita is a business that runs core services worth billions of pounds for government and high-profile private industry, including local councils, the NHS, the military, the BBC and pension funds. It operates the UK’s largest pension fund and private schemes for many large organisations. This cyber attack compromised Capita’s most profound IT systems and threatened the personal details of hundreds of thousands of pensioners whose data was stolen.

More than 90 large organisations have reported breaches of personal information from this attack. The victims include companies suc