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A Major Hospital was Cyber Attacked

A Major Hospital was Cyber Attacked

Well sort of, popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy featured an episode last week where the hospital in the show was cyber attacked. It started with multiple departments experiencing some technical difficulties.  Enter confused internal onsite IT guy, Tim, who is overwhelmed trying to figure out what is going on with all the computers in the whole hospital. Sounds like a lot of work for one guy doesn’t it? Normally day to day a small IT department onsite dealing with minor IT problems sounds like a good cheap plan until a disaster strikes.

A black screen came on their computers with a message from the hackers. The message stated:

“Hello, Grey-Sloan Memorial. Currently, we control your hospital. We own your servers. We own your systems. We own your patients’ medical records. To regain access to your medical records, you need an encryption key, which only we have. You will need to pay us exactly 4,932 Bitcoin to retrieve the key. Failure to pay this ransom in a timely manner will cause your records and your systems to be destroyed.”

You can see a preview from ABC’s Facebook page:

They frantically start trying to figure out what bitcoins are, and how much USD they equal. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used worldwide. The current value o