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Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?

Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?

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Don’t upgrade your server until you read THIS:

Cloud computing can certainly save you money.

With more people working from home, now may be an excellent time to consider utilizing the cloud for your servers and workstations.

BUT, the cloud may not be right for you.

Pros include:

  • Lower cost
  • Better reliability and uptime
  • Exceptional scalability
  • Simplified management

Cons include:

  • Security issues
  • Heavy reliance on internet connectivity and bandwidth
  • Reduced control and management options
  • Potentially limiting contracts

Make sure you do your homework before you make the jump. Let Thrive help!

We will perform a two-hour cost analysis and take inventory of your current environment and see how your employees currently use their workstations and your network. We will also look for potential security problems and other hidden loopholes.

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