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InVault Pro Now Offers File Protection Across Your Devices

InVault Pro Now Offers File Protection Across Your Devices

File protection: What is it, and do you need it?

If you’re wondering if you need file protection as part of your IT service arsenal, ask yourself these questions:

Ever accidentally delete an important file?

Has data critical to your operations ever gotten corrupted?

Afraid of getting hit with ransomware, locking down your work?

Chances are, you’ve lost a business-impacting file that you wished you hadn’t.

Thrive’s DRaaS is a potent backup and business continuity service that has evolved to offer file protection to safeguard your data across all your devices, including workstations and laptops.


Ever-present threats to your data

Data has become the lifeblood to businesses small and large. Losing it can cause costly downtime, regulatory fines or, in the worst of cases, even the death knell for your business.

Many of our clients are already using DRaaS to keep snapshots of vital content in case of disaster — including Office 365 data. We’re now offering even more granularity when it comes to keeping your mission critical data out of harm’s way.


Flexible, powerful file protection

“Whether you’re inside your network or in the field, using a desktop or laptop, IVP Desktop File Protection Backup offers continuous file and folder backup,” said Brian Walker. “Now you won’t have to worry if an important file is lost or damaged while you’re on the go. If you have an internet connection, you’re data is being backed up.”

“Six-month versioning allows plenty of options to restore from accidental file deletion or corruption, and unlimited data for workstations eliminates worrying about reaching limits,” said Aaron Allen. “This expanded InVault Pro service will certainly be a game-changer, and it will help our clients – who are becoming more distributed and mobile – stay protected in the increasingly hostile digital landscape.

“Ready to compute with confidence with potent file protection? Contact us today for a free data backup consultation.”