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Improving Microsoft Planner: Timlin’s New Project Management Solution

We’ve been working diligently with Microsoft Planner since its early release, and after three solid months of tinkering with the program, I have a few updates I’d like to share with the community. 

Setting the Stage: Why We Want Planner (or Something Like It) 

We evaluated planner for two main reasons. First, our business specializes in helping companies get the most out of Office 365 and SharePoint. We need to fully test and understand the platform’s capabilities when making recommendations and designing solutions for our clients. Likewise, we believe in “drinking the koolaid,” and we use these same tools every day to run our own business. There’s no better way to learn a platform than by using it to solve your own problems.

My second reason for paying attention to Planner (and the Yammer groups discussing it) is that it helped us to recognize and further develop our specialized skills with the Office 365 suite. This has become a niche skillset for Timlin consultants, and almost all of our clients and prospects seem to need it. This need is what excited us so much about Microsoft Planner to begin with, as we hoped it would deliver a Trello-type user experience with a robust platform for time tracking, resource management and document storage and search. 

Ultimately, however, we discovered that Planner is disconnected from almost every other relevant service – the opposite of what we hoped for and needed! We thus decided to create what we believe is the ideal modern project managemen