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How to Maximize the Benefits a Hybrid Cloud Solution Offers

How to Maximize the Benefits a Hybrid Cloud Solution Offers

Want the best of both worlds when managing the cloud? A multi-cloud approach allows for the strategic use of services from different Cloud providers to optimize performance and cost when running different workloads on different platforms. Thrive recently launched Hybrid Cloud Director to provide clients visibility and management capabilities across the private ThriveCloud, public clouds like Azure and AWS, and on-premise virtual server deployments.

Why the Multi-Cloud Approach Works

We’ll use the example of a thriving e-commerce company to help illustrate the value of the Hybrid Cloud Director. This hypothetical organization wants its resources secured and available 24/7/365, with a need for performance certainty, knowing the resources contracted for are performing at the level required when traffic spikes or seasonal events occur.

These environments will typically be placed in private Clouds. However, if a development team writes new software code for a temporary e-commerce site that is not in the private Cloud, it may lead to the IT team managing workloads in different locations. Plus, it can be a challenge to move the development workload on Azure or AWS to a production workload on the private Cloud without a lot of heavy lifting.

Thrive’s Hybrid Cloud Director does the hard work, and provides visibility into the state of virtual machines, resource usage, and any potential resource conflicts across each Cloud service to ensure smooth performance for users. The platform can wo