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How To Ensure Secure Collaboration In Microsoft Teams

How To Ensure Secure Collaboration In Microsoft Teams

In a time where remote work and distributed teams are more common than ever, ensuring your team can collaborate freely while keeping information secure is imperative. In this session, experts from Timlin Enterprises, LiveTiles, and Nucleus Cyber discuss what secure collaboration in Microsoft Teams entails and why it is important for your organization.

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Meet the Speakers:

Ryan Thomas, CEO of Timlin Enterprises

Helping clients advance Office 365 capabilities to increase efficiency. Managed and professional services support migrations, administration, support, secure collaboration, automated business processes, and more.

Brad Hannes, Innovation Executive at LiveTiles

Defining the intelligent workplace. Giving developers and business users tools to easily create dashboards, employee portals, and corporate intranets that can be further enhanced by artificial intelligence and analytics features.

Steve Marsh, VP of Product at Nucleus Cyber

Provides a data-centric solution to secure collaboration. Delivers effective, intelligent security that minimizes data loss from internal misuse, rogue cloud environments, cyberespionage, and human error.