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How to Apply the New National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Toolkit to Your Business

How to Apply the New National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Toolkit to Your Business

The UK’s top cybersecurity specialists urge business executives to take a more active role in boosting their organisation’s cybersecurity as online threats continue to skyrocket.

The National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, has released new resources as part of its Cybersecurity Board Toolkit to help businesses become more secure.

This updated Board Toolkit is designed to assist board members and senior leaders across medium and large organisations to be more confident in discussing cybersecurity with key stakeholders.

While most board members do not have to be cybersecurity experts, they should know enough to discuss issues with critical personnel. The Board Toolkit helps members better understand the organisation’s cyber risk profile.

Here is a closer look at the refreshed recommendations and how working with cybersecurity experts can help your business and board members successfully govern online risk.

Create the Right Environment

Embedding Cybersecurity into Your Organisation: Cybersecurity goes beyond having “good IT” in the workplace. It should be integrated into risk management and decision-making, and all business divisions should know their cybersecurity responsibilities.

  • Thrive addresses cybersecurity gaps in your organisation by providing various expert, professional, and consultative services with an agnostic approach to identifying and prioritising risks that drive business decisions.

Developing a Positive Cybersecurity Culture: Security culture defines how employees should think about and approach security in an organisation. People, not just technology or processes, keep an organisation secure.

  • At Thrive, we provide employee training and education to help them understand the importance of cybersecurity and how to identify and prevent attacks. Building a security culture and reducing the risk of human error are now more essential than ever.

Growing Cybersecurity Expertise: Senior management should invest in staff, hire outside experts, and build a talent pipeline with specialised cybersecurity knowledge.


Get the Right Information to Support Decision Making

Identifying Critical Assets in Your Organisation: Risk management requires understanding how technical assets support business goals. The board must convey critical objectives to technical experts.

  • At Thrive, our cybersecurity services begin with comprehensive risk assessments to help businesses understand their unique vulnerabilities and develop a bespoke plan to protect them.

Understanding the Cybersecurity threat: Prioritising threats is necessary to avoid ineffectively defending against everything. It is essential to keep current, identify threats, and undertake threat assessments routinely.

  • With multi-layered end-user protection, Thrive protects your organisation in real-time to identify attacks and mitigate breaches. We provide holistic security solutions for your organisation to protect sensitive data in the Cloud and at all end-user access points.

Risk Management for Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity risk should be included in your overall risk management strategy rather than treated as a single topic (or as only an IT risk).


Take Steps to Manage Those Risks

Implementing Effective Cybersecurity Measures: Basic cybersecurity measures can limit cyber assaults and their reputational, financial, and legal effects. However, you must also customise your defences to your organisation’s top threats.

  • Thrive offers 24x7x365 monitoring and detection with top-of-the-line technology, ensuring that businesses are always protected.

Collaborating with Your Supply Chain and Partners: Building a clear picture of your suppliers (and working with them to establish their sub-contractors) is critical to gaining assurance that threats from the supply chain are understood and risks mitigated.

  • As a business, you need the best cybersecurity resources, trusted external partners, and the latest technology platforms that help to discover operational security gaps. Thrive helps develop a comprehensive action plan to remedy and mitigate threats.

Planning Your Response to Cyber Incidents: Cybersecurity events can cost an organisation money, productivity, reputation, and customers. Being prepared to recognise and promptly respond to problems can prevent the attacker from doing further harm and limit the financial and operational impact.

  • Besides data and revenue loss, your business could lose customer trust and have a tarnished brand reputation. Thrive’s disaster recovery services have helped companies recover quickly and minimise downtime.


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