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How Thrive’s Layered Cyber Security Bundle Protects Your Data

How Thrive’s Layered Cyber Security Bundle Protects Your Data

Today, it’s hard to go more than a few days without hearing of some sort of cyber security issue or breach on the news. Cyber security isn’t just a “set it and forget it” type of endeavor — it’s something that requires planning, detail, and attention.

Thrive’s Cyber Security Bundle leverages best-in-class technologies to educate and ultimately protect end users. We’ve worked hard to protect businesses and organizations by preparing a multi-layered cyber security plan that mitigates the enormous consequences a data hack can have.

Protect Against a Potential Data Breach

Data breaches affect organizations in many ways, both monetarily and psychologically. It’s possible the issue may be smaller in nature; perhaps an employee’s laptop is infected with ransomware, causing a lost day of work or decrease in productivity. The employee may have had personal information on that laptop, even if it was a work-issued device.

If a large-scale database hack were to happen, that personal information exposure may be more widespread. The database could hold valuable client information, including usernames, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers, and the PR ramifications can be immense.

No solution provider can promise organizations they will never be breached. A company that stays in business long enough may deal with a cyber security issue at some point, but it’s imp