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How Much ITIL is Enough?

ITIL can be challenging when you implement it within an organization but once you are successful instituting ITIL how much is enough?  Some senior management officials feel ITIL is too complex and some IT professionals tend to feel ITIL is unnecessary since they possess the skills to employ an ITIL infrastructure on their own.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework that assists IT operations management with bringing business and IT together. Hence it is necessary to determine how significant a role ITIL should play in daily operations and how much an organization should implement the components relevant to precise areas of business.

So how do you come to terms with the amount of ITIL which is necessary within an organization? The best place to begin determining the solution is through measurement.

Measuring the Significance of ITIL

As an ITIL professional you can measure the performance improvements which result from implementing an Information Technology Infrastructure Library using the following criteria:

  • Productivity Measurement: Since ITIL is a framework and the elements that are required by the organization are integrated, focusing on the processes can help you gauge productivity.  This type of measurement will reveal how well ITIL reallocates the organization’s focus from how things work to concentrating on the business methods being deployed.
  • NPV: Use the Net Present Value to help determine the importance of ITIL to the organization.  This is accomplished by quantifying the NPV for the IT services which are used within the organization. Then perform industry measurements to determine cost savings incurred by change, incident, and problem management processes.  If the savings are significant then ITIL proves to be an important co