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Getting Started with SharePoint Framework: Overview & Quick Resource Guide

Microsoft recently announced that its plans for new development will be done using SharePoint Framework, a page and part model that gives us yet another way to customize Office 365 and SharePoint. SharePoint Framework is fully supported for client-side development and allows for easy integration with Microsoft Graph, in addition to providing support for open source tooling. For Timlin, this is good news, as we will likely be able to develop against the same application program interface (API) as the product team. 

Setting the Stage: Past Problems and Future Promise

Looking to the past, we’ve seen some shortcomings with the look and feel of other Microsoft methodologies –  particularly, it’s been difficult to customize applications to look and feel like they are part of the Office 365 platform. Microsoft has solved for this issue, however, with the release of Office UI Fabric, a front-end toolkit that helps your app or add-in blend into Office and Office 365.

And now, as we see it, the future is promising for SharePoint Framework. There’s an increase