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Gartner’s Top Trends for Security Service Leaders to Consider in 2024

Gartner’s Top Trends for Security Service Leaders to Consider in 2024

As we step into 2024, security service leaders are faced with a myriad of challenges, as well as expansive opportunities. We have compiled a list of some key trends from a recent Gartner report that are currently reshaping the way security is approached and managed within organizations:

  • Cybersecurity as a Business Risk: Almost 90% of board members concurred that cybersecurity threats must be managed as a fundamental business risk rather than simply an IT issue. This shift in perspective is pushing security leaders to align their risk management frameworks with overall business objectives.
  • Decentralized Decision Making: With digitization reaching further into every aspect of business operations, decision-making regarding cybersecurity is becoming increasingly decentralized. This shift brings a heightened focus on comprehending the business value and return on investment (ROI) associated with security initiatives.
  • Consolidation of Security Vendors: Organizations are optimizing their security vendor presence to boost efficiency and minimize risks. This consolidation strategy not only streamlines management and day-to-day operations but also fosters a more unified and comprehensive security approach across the board.
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