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The Value of Modern Digital Transformation as a Fractional Service

The Value of Modern Digital Transformation as a Fractional Service

Companies of all sizes can benefit from applying digital transformation concepts to their organization. But too often these modern services are delivered via an outdated delivery model that doesn’t fit the realities of the business.

Not long ago, consultants would design a large-scale solution for a defined problem or need. The organization would be left with a hefty bill and heavily built solution that hopefully provided some value. If even marginal improvements were seen, everyone declared victory and went on to the next big project.

This was not always a path small- and medium-sized businesses could – or should – take. Often, these businesses would purchase off-the-shelf software and services, and hope for the best. Both larger and smaller organizations incurred technical “debt” in the form of maintenance, aging software, updates, migrations, and service packs. Ultimately, their state-of-the-art solution became an aging, unviable one faster than expected.

However, the world has changed, particularly when it comes to accessing technology. Opportunities exist for organizations to gain value through digital transformation as a fractional service.

A Manageable Way to Achieve Digital Transformation

Access to “billion dollar” software was unheard for SMBs of just a decade or so ago. Today, a mid-sized company can sign up for Microsoft Office 365 with a credit card. For a relatively low monthly cost per user, state-of-the-art email, document management, workflow platforms, data visualization tools, and top collaboration tools are available. Setting up and configuring S