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Focusing on Access Control Can Make Your Business More Secure

Focusing on Access Control Can Make Your Business More Secure

If you are someone who gets stressed out easily by people having access to resources they shouldn’t, then you probably have heard much about how to keep your data and internal resources safe from external threats. However, access control is much more than just cybersecurity; you also need to take into account the physical space when considering your access controls.

What is Access Control?

At the root of it, access control is all about restricting access to specific resources within your organization based on user or role. Certain users might be authorized to view specific information or be required to verify their identity before being allowed access. Basically, you must ask the network for permission before you are allowed onto it, and once the network has given you permission, you can access the resources located on it.

Access control can basically be split into two groups: digital or cyber access control and physical access control, both of which have benefits and different types of solutions available on the market today.

Cyber Access Control

Your business has parts of its infrastructure that should only be accessed by specific individuals. Some of the data included on these parts of your infrastructure might include employee data, applications, resources, financial records, and more. This information should only be accessed by specific individuals who need it for their day-to-day responsibilities. The logic for this is simple: the fewer people who have access to this data, the less likely you will experience a data breach. Access control tools can help to limit access to this data.

Physical Access Control

You might also want to keep specific individuals out of certain parts of your office, too. Physical access controls might involve key cards, code-guarded doors, or biometric scanners to keep intruders out of your office, or specific parts of it. For example, you might store sensitive records in a specific part of your office guarded by card readers or code-authorized doors. Even keeping the door locked can be an effective deterrent.

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We understand that security can make things complicated for your organization, but you need to take it seriously before it comes back to bite you. If you want to implement access control systems for your office, be they digital or physical, Thrive can help. To learn more, contact us today.