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Drive Microsoft 365 Feature Adoption With Thrive’s End-User Learning and Adoption Services

Drive Microsoft 365 Feature Adoption With Thrive’s End-User Learning and Adoption Services

Thrive’s Microsoft 365 Learning and Adoption service, can help you optimize your organization’s investment in Microsoft 365. Thrive’s Managed Microsoft 365 Platform Services offers a holistic approach to implementing and adopting Microsoft 365 technologies by combining strategy, development, support, and now, end-user Learning and Adoption services so you can realize the maximum investment in your subscriptions.

Learning and Adoption services include the following:

  • Advisory service to assist with developing an adoption plan for your organization
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) to serve as the platform to drive adoption in your organization
  • Analytics pulled directly from the Microsoft 365 Graph about feature usage and adoption metrics
  • Live instructor-led trainings, Q&A sessions, webinars, and recorded short-form content delivered directly to your end-users
  • “Right in time” content for when users need help in the moment

Empower Your Microsoft 365 End-Users

Embracing new technology is critical for organizational success. By adopting technology like Microsoft 365, organizations can better streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and stay competitive in their industry.

But with any user-based solution like Microsoft 365, ensuring successful end-user learning and adoption is crucial for optimizing and driving awareness of critical software features. Accelerating and tracking the adoption of new technologies in your organization will allow for higher productivity and the ability to get new employees started off on the right foot. Having cloud-based learning management in place allows your organization to manage your corporate learning and be able to roll out new technology and monitor its adoption all from one platform.

Learning Management System Highlights

Like with any learning technology, an LMS is only as effective as the content it provides to its end-users and how it’s delivered to them. When implemented properly, there are many benefits to using a modern LMS platform like Thrive’s to create the ideal learning experience:

  • Short courses to keep user attention
  • Live-moderated webinars
  • Automated communications
  • Ability to upload and customize content
  • LMS application for Microsoft Teams

No matter what industry your organization is in, driving Microsoft 365 adoption through Thrive’s Learning and Adoption service can improve your business’s processes and productivity, and ultimately help achieve your business goals. Utilizing the Thrive’s LMS and Learning and Adoption services allows you to:

  • Develop Tailored Content: You can create different skill paths that relate directly to each end-user and the way they work
  • Provide Proactive Communication: You can write and schedule automated messages that simplify and scale communications across your organization
  • Create Customized Experiences: You have the ability to create different interactive experiences, such as integrated user polls, executive sponsor videos, and more!
  • Analyze Graph Data Integration: You can see real-time data reporting on the LMS platform via integration with the Microsoft Graph API
  • Content Updates: You can use evergreen content that reflects the latest updates from Microsoft

Contact Thrive today to learn more about how we can provide consulting and best practices around utilizing Learning and Adoption services and improve adoption of Microsoft 365 technology in your organization.