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Do You Know What “The Cloud” is?

Can you define ‘Cloud Computing’? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to the “Digital Software and the Cloud Report” from the market research firm NPD, just 22% of U.S. consumers could explain it.  To add to the confusion, when you attempt to find the true definition on the Internet you get a wide variety of answers, but which is the right one?

Thrive Networks took to the streets of Boston to ask people what ‘The Cloud’ means to them. As expected, we got a variety of responses. Some were more accurate than others.  Watch the video below to see what we mean.

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So now you’re probably thinking, “Do I really need to move my infrastructure to ‘Cloud Computing’? How will it help my business?”

Not every business is a candidate to move to “The Cloud”. Here are a few reasons why businesses make the switch:

Their hardware needs to be replacedWith the cloud – there is no need to purchase any hardware

They’re ready to grow Cloud applications are available to all businesses no matter the size

They currently have high IT support costsWith fewer servers to maintain, this will reduce overhead costs

They support a green IT initiativeSharing hardware resources reduces energy consumptions

Thrive Networks now offers a wide array of Hosted Cloud Services, ThriveCloud. Our services available range from Domain Hosting and Domain Disaster Recovery to Hosted MS Exchange and Hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server. The move to The Cloud doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. See how Thrive moved a client from their aging Exchanged Server to Hosted Exchange in less than one week.

To learn more about how ‘ThriveCloud’ can help your business, Contact Us today!