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Declare Freedom From Computer Problems!

Declare Freedom From Computer Problems!

Want to keep your systems safe and efficient?

Follow these five tips to avoid expensive and potentially catastrophic computer network failures.

1. Have off-site backup.

Relying on onsite backups? What happens if the building gets destroyed? Or your whole network (backups included) gets encrypted and held for ransom? A comprehensive backup plan includes off-site backups, which are extra copies of your data stored in geographically distant locations. In the event of total disaster, you’ll have the building blocks to get back to business.

2. Centralize your data on a server.

Want to increase efficiency, foster collaboration, and improve security in your office? Get a server. Managing email, facilitating file sharing, running applications that require secure databases, and overseeing network security are all things that deserve a dedicated server.

3. Keep your anti-virus patched.

Patches oftentimes address new threats and vulnerabilities. So, not updating your anti-virus and other security software is akin to leaving doors and windows open for cyber attackers. Be vigilant about updates. Better yet, institute a patch management service.

4. Make sure your acceptable use policy is up to date. And enforce it!

It’s often said that the weakest link in your network security is your people. Clicking a malicious link, visiting a bad website, and downloading questionable software are all mistakes your staff can make that can lead to devastating results. An acceptable use policy spells out the things users can and can’t do in the network, encouraging responsible computing. Don’t be afraid to enforce your policy.

5. Perform scheduled patch maintenance for every computer.

In the same vein as #3 above, you should keep every computer in your network patched to ensure vulnerabilities are shored up. This should be performed at least bi-weekly for best results. Scheduling patch maintenance is the perfect way to regulate this.

Ready for IT peace of mind? Follow these tips, keep your systems patched, and ensure your users exercise responsible computing.

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