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Cybersecurity: 3 Things You Might Not Be Doing Correctly

Cybersecurity: 3 Things You Might Not Be Doing Correctly

Business owners are certainly getting wiser when it comes to securing their networks and data.

Cyber crime is at an all-time high, and unfortunately, it only seems to be getting worse.

The Thrive team has battled this menace, protecting our customers from attack. Here are three things business owners should ask themselves when they’re deciding what to focus on next in their security overhaul.

1. Are you testing your backups?

Have backups? Good.

However, it’s not enough just to have backups these days. Backups need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure they will actually work in the case of disaster.

Thrives offers a mature business continuity and disaster recovery service. Your data and backups are tested and reviewed daily by a dedicated team to ensure you’re good to go in case of catastrophe.

2. Are you relying solely on antivirus to block ransomware and cyber threats?

While anti-virus can be an important part of your overall security, don’t rely on it alone to block all threats. Cyber criminals keep getting more clever, and their attacks are increasingly more sophisticated. Signature-based security, like traditional anti-virus, can be circumvented by many attacks.

A potent defense like Thrive’s, which blocks threats at the DNS level, can be the perfect complement to your security measures.

3. Are you educating partners and staff?

No matter how strong your overall network security is, a user clicking on the wrong link can lead to your worst nightmare.

People can definitely be the weak link in your cybersecurity.

Social engineering, within the context of cybersecurity, is the method of using tr