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Customizing Your Organization’s IT Framework

Customizing Your Organization’s IT Framework

Creating an IT framework isn’t just about protecting intellectual property or trade secrets – it’s about stopping attacks that can disable your business. By laying out an IT framework, you’re ensuring devices are protected and business operations run smoothly.

Finding the right framework fit for your organization’s IT approach is easy when working with a team that understands the current landscape and requirements of your business. With Thrive, you can have a customized IT framework that provides transparency, security and performance.

Thrive’s Top IT Frameworks: ITIL & CIS

There are two frameworks we tend to use here at Thrive: ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)-based and CIS (Center for Internet Security)-based. ITIL-based frameworks govern things like efficiency, capacity planning, liability planning, and end user requests. Lately, my focus has been on CIS-based frameworks, which give insight into what is being done well within an organization and where improvements can be made.

Oftentimes, we identify areas in which there may be framework gaps. This can be anything from comprehensive asset management and discovery to software packages. One big challenge organizations currently face is the concept of “shadow IT.” With different business units utilizing the cloud, there’s no need for employees to request permission to install applications or contact IT to perform a basic action, like using Google Drive. However, this can raise its own set of problems.

Staying On Top of Security

By going through CIS software discovery controls, we help raise awareness to ensure that a business is aware of all applications, both cloud and internal, and account for them.<