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Comprehensive Cybersecurity, from Endpoints to Inboxes

Comprehensive Cybersecurity, from Endpoints to Inboxes



Data breaches…

Business Email Compromise…

It seems there’s always something in the news about a new strain of malware, or a breached network, or a computer system locked down and held for ransom, or an email deception that’s led to a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars…

The threats are real.

The losses are mounting

Cybercrime is at all-time high.

And there’s no sign of slowdown.

Comprehensive cybersecurity is a corporate priority

More and more business leaders are recognizing the need to up their security game.

But the threats coming from around the globe are constantly evolving. It takes vigilance, a dedicated team, best-of-breed hardware and software – as well as a continual effort to analyze the latest trends and tactics of the enemy.

This all takes time and money. And you have a business to focus on.

“Thrive provides complete security for your whole network,” said Brian Walker.

“We realize security is one of the biggest challenges our clients face, and we’ve put together a comprehensive offering that will keep them protected from the unimaginable threats coming from all angles.”

“Per Gartner, cybersecurity spending worldwide is expected to hit $133.7 billion in 2022. We want to provide cybersecurity that’s both extremely effective and cost-effective. Thrive offers a fully managed service that includes all of our cybersecurity-based offerings, and is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses across all industries.”


Anyone can be a target

You may have seen the stories of the large corporations getting hit by cyberattacks. While these companies may be very attractive to attackers, the truth is the SMB sector bears the brunt of the assault.

Because of time, budgetary, or personnel constraints, small and medium businesses may not have the most up-to-date or insurmountable network security. And hackers are very aware.

“Other big targets include those organizations with valuable data,” explained Walker. “Health professionals deal with patient data. Likewise, law firms work with plenty of sensitive information. And financial businesses can literally be a treasure trove if their networks are breached. Security is of utmost importance to these professionals. But the truth of the matter is, anyone can be a target.”


Overlapping layers of security

“One of the best ways to defend against the numerous cyber threats out there is a series of layered defenses,” said Aaron Allen. “Managed NextGen Firewall is comprised of overlapping layers of security, encasing your network with powerful protection. If one layer should ever fail, the other layers will be ready to deflect the attacks.”

These Iayers for comprehensive cybersecurity include:

  • Proactive monitoring
    State-of-the art monitoring allows Thrive’s cybersecurity team to detect anomalies and trouble signs so they can proactively address issues before they lead to downtime and big trouble.

  • A secure and managed network
    With increasingly complex user computing demands and the threat of business-ending ransomware and other cyberattacks, the task of managing a company’s network can certainly be formidable. Thrive can configure and manage cutting-edge firewalls and switches, and keep your access points secure, to ensure your staff stays safe and ultra-productive.

  • Email protection
    Email is a huge attack vector. Malicious hyperlinks and innocuous-looking attachments with nasty payloads lurk in inboxes, ready to be clicked and opened. Thrive’s Managed NextGen Firewall utilizes advanced protection, including protection at the DNS level, to help keep your users safe. By severing pathways to malicious sites and ransomware command & control servers, Thrive’s Managed NextGen Firewall effectively neuters many email-based attacks.

  • Defense, in and out of the perimeter
    Properly protecting each device in your network can be challenging. Thrive’s highly skilled techs and sophisticated infrastructure provide the expertise and economy of scale to effectively manage and monitor your whole network, whether you’re a small, focused group or a larger team spread across multiple sites. Thrive’s advanced monitoring allows our team to protect your personnel – whether they’re in the network or beyond in the field.


Ready to get cyber-secure with comprehensive cybersecurity?

“Our security experts maintain all your cybersecurity hardware and software, and they stay on top of the latest trends and attacks.”

“This allows you to remain laser-focued on your business and mission. Should you ever need assistance, you’ll have a dedicated rep as well as access to our 24×7 help desk personnel.”

Ready for the ultimate in fully managed network protection? Contact Thrive today.

“We’d love to help you develop a game plan to get secure,” said Walker. “From endpoints to inboxes, we’ll have you covered with comprehensive cybersecurity.”