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Cloud Backups for Ransomware Attack Protection and Recovery

Cloud Backups for Ransomware Attack Protection and Recovery

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cyber criminals and the tactics that they employ. As a result, the frequency of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and increasingly expensive for businesses to prevent, mitigate, and recover from when they don’t have cloud backups. The need for ransomware attack protection is becoming non-negotiable.

The question of how to best achieve ransomware attack protection is rapidly gaining urgency in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Keeping recent, reliable, and ready-to-deploy local backups of your systems and files is one of the preferred ways to recover from attacks that make it through traditional security defenses. Unfortunately, this standalone tactic is rapidly becoming insufficient.

The new challenge facing IT and security industries is the arrival of insidious forms of ransomware that in addition to attacking the live production environment, also target and infect backups. This type of ransomware comes in a variety of deployments and entry points and can corrupt or infect the backup environment in such a way that malware is still present when the backup is used for recovery. As a result, the live production environment is re-infected, and the attacker can attempt to re-ransom the victimized company.

The very real possibility that you will never actually recover your compromised data or return to business as usual is driving businesses to identify the best way to secure their entire backup process and systems.

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