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The Easy Way to Clean Your Nintex Workflow History List

The Easy Way to Clean Your Nintex Workflow History List

Nintex workflow history list

Nintex Workflow is a fantastic tool that can help streamline numerous processes and solve a variety of business needs.

One caveat to the heavy use of Nintex in an On-Premises SharePoint environment is that the more it is used, the faster each Nintex Workflow History list fills up.

Nintex gives you a couple ways out of the box to purge these lists:

  1. Use NWAdmin.exe and its respective “PurgeHistoryListData” command to clear the list.
  2. Use the GUI available to you within Central Admin.

However, when these lists get too big (30, 40 or 50,000 records), these methods often fail. If they do not fail, they can take hours and sometimes days to complete. In the meantime, your Nintex Workflow History list is inaccessible and cannot be used to parse logs.

This is where the SharePoint REST API can help you. Let’s dive into the details so you can easily clean your history list.

Prepping Your Browser

I find that the easiest way to take care of this issue is by using Chrome and the Developer Console to use a couple of functions that assist in removing the history records. The scripts that will be posted below require jQ