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CIO Outlook Recognizes InfoHedge as Premier Service Provider

CIO Outlook Recognizes InfoHedge as Premier Service Provider

InfoHedge: The Revolutionary Investment Hosting Division for Thrive

Skill, luck and networking—elements that played a crucial role in a hedge fund manager. That was in the past. Fast forward to today, one more factor is quintessential, technology skills—because the introduction and proliferation of technology into the hedge fund space such as the usage of database and analysis platforms, websites, and teleconferencing among others, for the process of marketing, analyzing, and monitoring hedge funds has made the tasks more manageable. That being said, today’s hedge fund market success can be attributed primarily to higher volatility, the rally in energy prices, the influx of cryptocurrencies, and the continually advancing hedge funds technologies and the solution providers leveraging them, like New York-based InfoHedge Technologies.

With its state-of-the-art flagship cloud platform and solutions, InfoHedge is a premier Infrastructure-as-a-Service (“IaaS”) Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) to the financial services industry. “The idea behind the inception of InfoHedge Technologies was to build one large enterprise-grade infrastructure, classify them up into smaller units for every small and large-scale enterprise to implement, execute, and benefit from it,” narrates Alexander Kouperman, Managing Partner, InfoHedge Technologies. This idea gave birth to the world-class InfoHedge Hosted Platform, providing clients with an end-to-end private cloud infrastructure tailored explicitly for this investment vertical.

A team of highly experienced technology professionals from the Alternative Investment industry developed the InfoHedge Hosted PlatformTM in the year 1990. The platform can control the entire investment lifecycle via InfoHedge Technologies’ sole custody private cloud.

The private cloud delivers enterprise-grade service from multiple SSAE 16 SOC 2 data centers. Incorporating disaster recovery and compliance features, integrated with the firm’s standard diligence document provides clients with tools corresponding to potential regulatory or registration process with SEC, FINRA, SIPC, MSRB, and NFA. Another unique specialty of InfoHedge is that it does not outsource any features of its solutions as all systems are designed, maintained, and managed by the firm’s in-house team of engineers. The platform also grants clients with consistent, recurring charges without increased cost surges, recording 99.9 percent uptime, and around the clock access for the client to the user support and helpdesk services.

“When we sell our solution to the clients, we secure reliable and scalable infrastructure, that will be fully supported and certified with compliance, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, everything under one roof,” assures Kouperman.

The platform executes every necessary encryption with all the financial services out there, from banks to exchanges to brokers to market data vendors—the entire financial service ecosystem. InfoHedge Technologies also houses its infrastructure in top tier data centers like Equinix, and its primary location is Equinix NY4, which maintains the firm’s connection within the market across six networks like market data networks, trading systems, and several others. InfoHedge also provides file audits, ascertaining all the audits are backed-up, secured, and retained, even after several years.

Forging ahead, InfoHedge Technologies will continue to expand sales globally and deliver efficient services to prospects and clients under Thrive, becoming its Alternative Investment Hosting Division. Thrive is a next-generation managed services provider utilizing Cloud, Cybersecurity, Networking, Disaster Recovery, and other pioneering managed services to help compliance-driven businesses solve complex IT issues.

“We were the first private cloud vendor, with an extensive amount of in-house expertise, specifically around the financial services,” states Kouperman. With this kind of expertise and experience, InfoHedge is now a leader in the financial services sector, recently winning the 2018 Alternative Investment Award for excellence. InfoHedge has acquired a well-deserved reputation as an innovator in Cloud, Application Hosting, and Managed Services, serving more than 300 hedge funds, REIT, and asset management over the years.
InfoHedge: The Revolutionary Investment Hosting Division for Thrive article can be view online at Capital Markets CIO Outlook.