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Benefits of Microsoft Teams: A Communication and Collaboration Hub

Benefits of Microsoft Teams: A Communication and Collaboration Hub

Teams is Microsoft’s premiere communication and collaboration tool. It has now replaced Skype, which was strictly a chat and calling platform; however, Teams’ capabilities are far greater than its predecessor. It is a four-in-one shared workplace that streamlines messaging and chat, meetings and file sharing, calling, and app integration.

Businesses often utilize Teams to increase productivity, improve collaboration and enable innovation across their entire organization. The platform is available as a webpage or installed application, making it easy for users to access it from Microsoft, Apple and Android devices. While that puts the capabilities of Teams simply, Microsoft has put together a comprehensive demonstration video so that users can see how to take full advantage of the workspace.

So, since businesses have implemented the tool in their organization, what benefits have been seen? And can your business expect to see the same?

According to The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams study put together by Forrester, the return on investment can be upwards of 800 percent within three years. This was observed across 264 organizations that were either interviewed or surveyed.

Here are some of the key areas that have been identified as beneficial to businesses utilizing Teams:

  • Consolidation of communication hardware and software solutions
  • Less time spent switching between applications
  • Reduction in the total number and duration of meetings
  • Improved worker satisfaction, integration, and empowerment
  • Lower costs for IT compliance and eDiscovery
  • Expedited decision-making timelines

With Teams you do not have to forfeit security or compliance for convenience. Teams enables businesses to work both efficiently and securely. Some of the security features include multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection and data encryption at all times. If compliance is of concern, Teams is equipped for eDiscovery and legal holds on channels, chats and files.

If you think that Microsoft Teams can enable your business to work efficiently and effectively, find out if it is available with your Office365 suite. Thrive is a certified Microsoft Partner that offers rapid deployment and 24×7 management and support. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.