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As In-House Resources & Expertise Dwindle, K-12 Cybersecurity Teams Continue to Outsource

As In-House Resources & Expertise Dwindle, K-12 Cybersecurity Teams Continue to Outsource

The education sector faces a mounting challenge: protecting sensitive data from cyber threats. As demands escalate, K-12 institutions are strategically outsourcing their security needs. Cybersecurity expertise has become crucial, making the shift towards external support not just convenient but essential.

Educational institutions are no strangers to dealing with cybersecurity threats. With a plethora of personal and financial information stored in school databases, the stakes undoubtedly are high. Unfortunately, the rapid evolution of cyber threats often outpaces the ability of an in-house team to keep up. The result? A widening gap in expertise and resources that leaves schools vulnerable to attacks that could compromise student and staff data, as well as disrupt the learning environment.

At Thrive, our expert teams take a multi-layered approach to secure an institution, preventing breaches and data threats through managed endpoint security, mail filtering, DNS filtering, and additional targeted offerings. Our goal is to make sure the right tools and processes are in place so students, teachers, and staff are set up to succeed.

What Thrive Can Do for Your Institution: 
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEMaaS): Clients benefit from a comprehensive managed and hosted SIEM solution, delivering a service-centric IT infrastructure monitoring platform. Thrive helps minimize Capital Expenditure (CapEx), ensure adherence to rigorous compliance standards, and reap the advantages of cutting-edge security threat detection—eliminating the necessity for specialized security personnel or expensive dedicated hardware on-site.
  • Autonomous Penetration Testing: Thrive provides flexible options for Autonomous Penetration Testing, offering both one-time evaluations and recurring quarterly assessments tailored for educational institutions. Upon completion, clients receive comprehensive reports—a Penetration Test Results report and a Fix Actions report—detailing identified risks and the necessary steps to mitigate them.
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment: Thrive’s security services are tailored to address educational institution’s heightened risk of vulnerabilities, exploits, and security breaches by evaluating and documenting network and software gaps. Supported by 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers, our Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment service uncovers potential security weaknesses, assisting in devising actionable plans to remedy and minimize emerging threats.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service: Thrive delivers IT business continuity solutions aimed at reducing data loss and swiftly restoring vital systems, particularly in the face of threats such as ransomware. Our services safeguard against disruptive events that could significantly impact daily operations in and out of the classroom, ensuring educators’ access to essential records and information even during critical system downtimes.

Outsourcing IT offers cost-effective solutions that, with the help of seasoned experts, adapt to emerging threats swiftly and without disruption. As in-house resources and expertise become increasingly scarce in the face of escalating cyber threats, K-12 institutions can rely on Thrive’s Cybersecurity Solutions.

Partnering with Thrive fortifies the defenses of educational institutions, allowing them to focus on their primary mission of providing quality education to their students. The future of K-12 cybersecurity lies in collaboration, adaptability, and the strategic embrace of external support. Contact Thrive today to learn more about how our cybersecurity solutions can help you.