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An accredited private school partnered with Thrive to enhance learning with updated IT technology and resources

An accredited private school partnered with Thrive  to enhance learning with updated IT technology and  resources
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The accredited, co-ed, private school for preschool through grade eight was operating on technology that was nearing end of lifecycle, including its firewalls, switches, servers and on-prem exchange. Since the internal IT director was leaving, the school wanted to implement an outsourced solution to provide updated technology to serve the school body of 80 faculty/staff and 360 students. To facilitate these changes, the school searched for an IT and Cybersecurity partner that was trusted and recommended and proven in the education space.


Thrive was chosen over other vendors because of its NextGen technology solutions backed by an expert engineering team and 24×7 resources, along with glowing recommendations from other educational institutions. The Thrive team replaced the school’s outdated technology with NextGen solutions, including Managed EBMS Infrastructure (firewall/switching), Managed Backup and Managed Patching. Thrive also implemented Cloud adoption and collaboration with Managed ThriveCloud and Office 365. Thrive’s Cybersecurity Bundle, complete with Endpoint Security and Response, Secure DNS Gateway, Advanced Email Security, and Security Awareness Training was deployed to keep staff and student data secure.


Thrive’s complete lift and shift from on-premise to ThriveCloud has been a learning process for school administrators. As a result of Thrive’s technology upgrades and managed services, the school can now work remotely while enhancing its overall security footprint. The structured process, onboarding procedures and internal end-user support from Thrive were instrumental in making school operations more efficient, secure, scalable and innovative. The entire IT infrastructure is now managed by Thrive, allowing school administrators to remain focused on their students.

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