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A Florida college overhauls its disaster recovery capability in less than two weeks with Thrive

A Florida college overhauls its disaster recovery capability in less than two weeks with Thrive
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The college had less than two weeks to prevent mission-critical systems from going dark during a planned 48-hour power outage due to campus construction. If the web servers went down, summer-session students would not be able to do their online coursework, register for classes, check grades, update financial information or request transcripts, and faculty email and online recruiting would stop. The current disaster recovery service was too slow for requirements, and the college needed to upgrade to a faster recovery time to limit as much downtime as possible.


The college worked with Thrive to implement a new disaster recovery service in just 12 days, with no loss of service. Thrive deployed Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), which would provide virtually no data loss, and cost less than increasing the recovery speed of the college’s current provider. Using technology from VMware, the Thrive team helped the college IT team virtualize their physical web servers and set up shadow servers in a Virtual Private Cloud.


The college switched to the new DR system without interruption of service on a Friday night and then switched back to primary servers on the following Monday morning, again without interruption. In the future, if the college’s main servers ever go down, it can switch to shadow servers in just a few minutes via a single button. The college now has the proper protections in place for any event, including power outages, loss of internet connectivity, fire and weather events.

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