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6 Ways Thrive’s Powerful U.K. Presence Can Boost Your U.S. Business

6 Ways Thrive’s Powerful U.K. Presence Can Boost Your U.S. Business

Thrive’s Rapid U.K. Expansion

Over the past two years, there has been a steady drumbeat of Thrive acquiring U.K. companies to expand its NextGen award-winning IT, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Collaboration and Business Continuity portfolio and operations in the international market. Here’s a timeline to demonstrate Thrive’s aggressive acceleration of expansion overseas.

  • In June 2021, Thrive started its international expansion by acquiring ONI, a leading U.K. Cloud, hybrid managed IT, Cisco Gold Partner and data center services provider based in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. Thrive deepened its NextGen portfolio and infrastructure in the U.K. by adding its robust Microsoft and Cybersecurity capabilities to the ONI Cisco WAN, Unified Communications and Cloud services.
  • In June 2022, Thrive acquired Connecticut-based Edge Technology Group, a leading global technology advisory and fully-managed IT service provider for alternative investment managers. The acquisition added new global offices and data centers across the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, strengthening Thrive’s international presence for all customers. Edge clients, including hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices, and asset managers worldwide, now benefit from Thrive’s next-generation managed Cybersecurity, collaboration and Cloud services.
  • In November 2022, Thrive acquired Custard Technical Services, a leading U.K. IT support company based in Nottingham, England, that specializes in managed services in the East Midlands and surrounding areas. The acquisition enables Custard clients, including manufacturers, charities, and insurance groups, to benefit from Thrive’s next-generation managed cybersecurity, Cloud services and automation platform.

Thrive’s Strong U.K. Footprint Benefits U.S. Businesses

While Thrive has rapidly grown its footprint in the U.K., it is helping other businesses do the same by leveraging its secure and efficient IT technology and proven services.

The U.K. is ranked as one of the best locations for businesses looking to expand internationally. Thrive’s expertise and 200+ seat workforce in the U.K. helps U.S. companies leap across the pond to expand international operations or fully manage their established U.K. locations.

Here are some benefits Thrive offers U.S. businesses looking to expand to the U.K. and Europe.

  1. Acquire global talent With more than 200 people working in Thrive’s U.K. locations, U.S. businesses can tap into the global knowledge and expertise in NextGen technology, digital transformation, Cloud and Cybersecurity managed services in abundant international hubs.
  2. Reduce costs Global expansion is often more cost-efficient than a local/national expansion. Bypass the extra costs of managing NextGen technology for your business by leveraging Thrive’s innovative technology and infrastructure already successfully operating in the U.K. With Thrive, you can reduce CapEx spending, meet stringent compliance thresholds, and gain the benefits of advanced security threat detection without requiring specialised security staff or costly dedicated hardware.
  3. Become more resilient Business operations can suffer negative events localized to the U.S. A downturn in sales for one country can be balanced with an uptick in revenue in another part of the world. Data backup and security are essential, along with a Disaster Recovery Plan. Thrive has you covered to keep your business overseas uninterrupted.
  4. Experience advanced Cybersecurity As business systems grow in complexity, there is an increased risk of vulnerabilities, exploits and security breaches. Thrive’s comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions protect your business, uncover and mitigate risks and meet stringent regulatory requirements. Our security-first Cloud approach is flexible and economical, provides specific, actionable information and is backed by a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center.
  5. Expand globally for growth opportunities Discover opportunities for your product or service around the world. With comprehensive IT services, organisations can focus more on their business. From moving to the Cloud to ensuring remote employees have access to their applications, Thrive works with a quick turnaround time to deliver value and solutions.
  6. Enhanced compliance benefits Some overseas locations may have compliance regulations that are different or more favorable to your company. Thrive’s experts can help your organisation gain agility without sacrificing safety or compromising compliance. Thrive performs a risk assessment and provides strategic IT consulting services to ensure fully-customisable IT, digital transformation, Cybersecurity and Cloud plans are designed, executed and managed.

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