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4 Key Benefits of DRaaS Over Traditional Disaster Recovery

Reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions are critical to ensure that consumers have instant access to information and services from your business that they need and have come to expect. Legacy solutions such as offsite tape repositories do not provide the immediate and dependable response needed to meet end user and business demands. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has emerged for businesses that are seeking comprehensive protection of their vital data and applications with multiple failover options at attractive price points.

DRaaS benefits businesses of all sizes with:

Immediate Recovery

When a disaster strikes, every second of downtime translates into huge productivity, reputation, and financial losses for your business. Businesses can rapidly recover with an immediate system failover to a secondary infrastructure within minutes, returning the business to normal operations.

Increased Flexibility

DRaaS offers one unified solution to recover from all types of disasters, from malware and ransomware to hurricanes and wildfires.

Businesses can customize their required recovery scope depending on their needs, resources, and RPO and RTO recovery objectives, and choose how their most critical applications are protected.

Options span from continuous replication and hot site recovery to time-based backup and warm site recovery.

Improved Security

DRaaS providers utilize state-of-the-art infrastructure with seamless redundancy and no single point of failure to keep your data securely backed up in the cloud and protected away from your primary site. DRaaS solutions can also be customized to meet your business’s security and compliance requirements such as GDPR.

Lowered Cost

Businesses can rapidly recover from disasters without incurring the major capital costs of additional and redundant hardware. Flexible pay-as-you-grow models and a variety of options to meet RPO and RTO objectives enable businesses to satisfy their requirements with room to adjust as needed.

Specialized Support

DRaaS offers a practical solution for companies of all sizes, especially those with more limited IT personnel resources and capital to handle unpredictable disasters and emergency events. Leveraging specialized DRaaS services enables businesses to focus their IT teams on core business needs while providing stand-by supportive resources when they need a helping hand the most.

An experienced service provider can also provide advice and guidance, to improve the compliance and security readiness of your business.

Need DRaaS Solutions? Thrive Can Help

At Thrive, we’re working hard to make cloud solutions even more secure. Our Veeam-based Backup and Recovery and Disaster Recovery Services include local and offsite backup as well as encryption in transit and at rest to protect data. Encryption of data using enterprise-grade 256-bit AES ensures privacy and also protects data from exposure. We have also introduced Insider Protection for cloud recycling bin capability to protect against accidental or malicious deletion of backups and archives.

Combining these protections with our added air-gapped data archival services provides additional layers of protection for both short-term and long-term protection and compliance. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings protect mission-critical systems and data from downtime and ransomware attacks with full system replication and failover. Learn more today!