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Thrive Fortifies Zeus Capital’s Secure Expansion in the UK Financial Services Sector

Thrive Fortifies Zeus Capital’s Secure Expansion  in the UK Financial Services Sector
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Zeus Capital, a Manchester-based investment banking firm, sought to strengthen its information security measures amid a shift towards technology integration. This case study outlines how Thrive, a trusted security partner, assisted Zeus with cost-effective cyber security assessment-tailored solutions.

Zeus faced the challenge of managing its information security with a limited internal IT team. With the company’s expansion and increasing reliance on technology, Zeus sought a solution that would provide a comprehensive assessment within budget and adhere to specific requirements. However, it needed more expertise and resources to do so internally. In the wake of significant changes, Zeus prioritised aligning its cybersecurity practices with financial services industry standards.

Why Thrive Was Chosen

Recognising the need for a trusted partner, Zeus selected Thrive based on their extensive expertise in the investment sector and proven strategic consulting capabilities. Unlike competitors pushing unnecessary services, Thrive’s commitment to understanding Zeus’s needs and fostering a long-term partnership resonated with the company’s objectives. Thrive developed a customised cybersecurity framework for Zeus, aligning it with their unique business model and risk appetite. Thrive’s receptive approach, thorough understanding of Zeus’s objectives, transparent methodology, and breadth of capabilities to further support Zeus on their cyber initiatives set them apart.

Strategic Deployment of Advanced Security Measures

As an FCA-regulated investment bank, Zeus wanted an independent third-party evaluation relating to cybersecurity to demonstrate their commitment to secure digital operations. Thrive conducted a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Zeus, evaluating its security policies, processes, and controls against the globally recognised CIS framework. This assessment provided Zeus with a clear understanding of its security posture and identified areas for improvement. Thrive then conducted an autonomous penetration test, a simulated cyber attack on Zeus’s systems, to identify potential security gaps and take proactive measures to address them. With this knowledge, Zeus remediated its weaknesses, presenting a robust security strategy to its board.

Thrive’s Impact

Thrive’s impact on Zeus has been transformative, affirming the effectiveness of its pre-existing security measures while identifying areas for improvement. After a thorough Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and subsequent penetration test, Thrive provided Zeus with a clear understanding of its security posture and actionable insights to mitigate risks. This reassured Zeus’s board about regulatory compliance, ensuring the company meets all necessary security standards. Additionally, Thrive’s services have enhanced staff awareness about cybersecurity, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to potential threats. Thrive’s expertise, collaborative approach, and commitment to ongoing support have enabled Zeus to enhance its security posture effectively and safeguard its business and staff from potential threats.


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“Thrive’s approach was not just about ticking boxes; it was about truly understanding our security posture and helping us navigate the complexities of cybersecurity in our industry. Their partnership has been instrumental in affirming our security foundations and identifying areas for improvement,” ~ David Boulton, Head of IT at Zeus



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