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The Key Network Security Issues for 2015

The battle between network security experts and hackers is an ever evolving and unending conflict. No matter how hard security experts attempt to keep Internet and computer users across the globe safe from harm, hackers are continually finding new ways of

In accordance with this, here are three of the biggest network security issues that the world will face during 2015.

Mobile Malware

Mobile access to the ‘net is increasing at a rapid rate. An article in the Daily Telegraph in 2012 suggested that tablet computing is the fastest growing technology in human history. And smartphones, of course, remain hugely popular, with hordes of people queuing round the block to get their hands on the latest Apple iPhone.

Little thought was given initially to the notion that mobile platforms could be compromised in security terms, at least by the general public. It was hoped that mobile platforms would be more sturdy and safe than traditional desktop platforms. And there is no doubt that it is perfectly safe to use smartphones and tablets to access the ‘web, and to use them as part of secured networks.

However, hackers continue to cause problems for network managers by hacking such networks, posing many issues for mobile network security. There certainly hasn’t been a huge mobile security issue akin to Heartbleed, but attackers are coming up with ever more sophisticated ways to spread malware on mobile platforms.

Mobile malware is adapting very quickly to the tools used to detect and eliminate it, and as mobile networks spread into the relatively unexploited developing economies, this will undoubtedly become an increasingly widespread issue.

The Internet of Things

This isn’t even a concept that many people are familiar with yet, but the notion of having vast numbers of everyday household devices connected to a network and ultimately the Internet obviously poses security concerns. These ‘smart’ devices are becoming more widely available, and 2015 could be the year when we first hear of hackers compromising everyday household devices.

Windows XP

Microsoft’s announcement that they will no longer be providing updates for the enduringly popular Windows XP is a blow to many businesses, given that it remains a favorite in the corporate sector. Although Microsoft will support Microsoft Security Essentials anti-malware protection on Windows XP until July 14, 2015, eventually the lack of support for XP will make it unusable. This will unquestionably be a massive network security issue throughout 2015 and possibly beyond.

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