Thrive CEO to Speak at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2021

Rob Stephenson to Join Executive Panels at the MSP Summit Conference, November 1-4

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – October 26, 2021 Thrive, a premier provider of NextGen Managed Services, announces today that its Chief Executive Officer, Rob Stephenson, will participate on the keynote panel, “The MSP 201 501: Meet Today’s Influencers & Innovative Leaders.” The panel will take place during the 2021 Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, November 1-4.

Leveraging more than 20 years of expertise in senior executive-level technology business throughout the telecommunications industry, Mr. Stephenson will join thought leaders in a discussion regarding the future of managed service providers. The panelists will explore the ways MSPs are dealing with and adjusting to emerging trends.

Additionally, Mr. Stephenson is the featured speaker in the MSP Breakout Session, “Subscription-Based Models: Make the Shift Successfully.” He will lead a deep dive into how subscription-based models have shifted and accelerated to forever change the customer-partner-supplier paradigm. During the session, attendees will discover how channel partners can successfully shift with predictable revenue streams and easier ways for customers to finance tech solutions while unlocking data and a level of customer intimacy never seen before. Mr. Stephenson will point to leading Thrive, a premier private equity-backed provider that has shifted successfully and is prospering.

“I’m thrilled to participate in forward-thinking panels and discussions at the premier channel partner event of the year for our industry,” said Rob Stephenson, CEO of Thrive. “As a CEO that once served as a telecom agent, I understand the challenges the industry faces. Developing and disruptive technologies are changing the landscape for how managed service providers and channel partners navigate and grow the customer-partner-supplier model shift.”

Please see details below of Mr. Stephenson’s speaking engagements. To schedule a meeting with him during the conference, please email

Monday, November 1 | 3:45pm – 4:25pm
The MSP 2021 501: Meet Today’s Influencers & Innovative Leaders
Moderator: Allison Francis  (Channel Futures)
Panelists: Kurt Guenther  (Computer Services, Inc.), Stephen Moss  (Insight), Rob Stephenson  (Thrive)
Location: Level 3, South Seas Ballroom C

Monday, November 1 | 5:05pm – 5:40pm
Subscription-Based Models: Make the Shift Successfully
Speaker: Rob Stephenson  (Thrive)
Location: Level 3, South Seas Ballroom IJ

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About Thrive

Thrive is a leading provider of NextGen managed services designed to drive business outcomes through application enablement and optimization. The company’s Thrive5 Methodology utilizes a unique combination of its Application Performance Platform and strategic services to ensure each business application takes advantage of technology that enables peak performance, scale, and the highest level of security. For more information, visit

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Nothing makes me more aware of the technological advances over the past few years than my 20-month old son. He wants to play Elmo’s Monster Maker on a smartphone, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on-demand, and listen to his favorite music online. All of these just-in-time modes of access to media are happening everywhere, not just when it comes to children’s entertainment.

So how do all of these changes in technology impact business, specifically with regard to learning in the workplace? New means of communication and staying connected are enabling people to share information and participate in learning in newer, more collaborative ways. As younger generations enter the workforce, they look for quicker ways to learn, gain access to information, and share their own thoughts and ideas. They look for faster connections to peers and colleagues regardless of geographical separation.

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We tend to always take the personal approach of self-improvement and ways in which we can better ourselves in regards to the typical things such as health, relationships, financial status, and kicking bad habits. However, what we tend not to do is think about a set of New Year’s resolutions from a business standpoint and customer service perspective. Specifically, looking at ways we can better our service delivery to our clients.

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