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3 Dimensions of Business Continuity for Data Centric Processes

3 Dimensions of Business Continuity for Data Centric Processes

Protecting data, whether in a database system such as Microsoft SQL Server, or in a file system, is becoming an ever more critical and complex endeavor. From high-profile data breaches, to the all too common experience of losing a hard drive, we are all aware that data can be suddenly and catastrophically lost. But many, even with information technology responsibilities in their jobs, lack the time, expertise, and budget to adequately protect their most critical data.

That may sound overstated, but consider the following small list of questions from a much larger potential list:

  • Do you have a firewall between your data and the internet?
  • Do you take regular backups of your drives and/or databases?
  • Do you have a written and rehearsed plan to restore continuity should disaster strike?

Great start, now…

  • Is your firewall regularly patched to fix constantly discovered vulnerabilities?
  • Do you or an outside service perform regular penetration testing to ensure your firewall is secure?
  • Do any of your employees have access to take, modify, or delete critical data?
    • Would you know if they did?
  • If you lose data this afternoon, can you restore it to nearly the s