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What Managed Cloud Services Can Do For Your Business

What Managed Cloud Services Can Do For Your Business

If these past few years have taught us anything, it’s that businesses are no longer confined to the walls of the traditional office—the Cloud has expanded our horizons, offering opportunities for agility, scalability, and responsiveness inside and outside the workplace. 

Amidst this transformation, managed Cloud services emerged as an opportunity for innovation, securely revolutionizing the way organizations harness the power of the Cloud. The question is, how can these organizations take advantage of their Cloud investments in order to meet the needs of their business and employees? 

Managed Cloud services are a popular choice for businesses looking to optimize where exactly their funding is going, and how it is being used. Specifically for businesses looking to:

  • Scale Cloud services without IT infrastructure expenses
  • Manage their customer databases and update records remotely using the Software as a Service model
  • Utilize cloud backup and disaster recovery services to manage and maintain data in Cloud storage
  • Access big data analytics using Cloud computing services
  • Develop applications for web and mobile
  • Test and development for launching apps
  • Manage social networking with large volumes of data

Today’s digital landscape is irrefutably dynamic, rendering the concept of a one-size-fits-all Cloud solution obsolete. Thrive’s managed Cloud services are tailored to satisfy the demands of modern businesses while balancing factors such as performance, cost, security, and flexibility. Enterprises benefit from a range of NextGen Cloud solutions, from the robustness of VMware-based private Cloud platforms tailored for the most demanding workloads to Microsoft Azure and AWS public Cloud offerings. To make it work harmoniously, Thrive’s Hybrid Cloud Director delivers unparalleled visibility and control for companies across all of their Cloud systems.

For businesses looking to optimize and scale their enterprise, the benefits of managed Cloud services like Thrive’s are obvious: 

  1. Cost savings. Save on the operational expenses needed to maintain your Cloud network infrastructure. In addition, you no longer have to hire and train people with the hard-to-find skill sets required to secure and support your Cloud.
  2. Automatic updates. With Cloud technology constantly evolving, an MSP can keep your network updated and stay on top of advances and upgrades for your network infrastructure.
  3. Disaster recovery. If a disaster takes place, it’s important to safeguard and retrieve your data as soon as possible. MSPs with 24x7x365 multi-location support can manage your disaster recovery process so that there is minimal downtime in the event of a disaster.
  4. Rapid response. Round-the-clock support and remediation from a team of experts ready to respond to your Cloud concerns or issues.
  5. Better Cloud and network security. Keeping your network secure is a top priority when using the Cloud, but security can be a complicated process. Managed service providers have the knowledge to keep your Cloud secure from unauthorized access.
  6. Centralized control. Simplify your Cloud administration with all of your controls in one location to easily make any changes or upgrades to your network.
  7. Flexible Scaling. Keep pace with the increasing volume of web traffic and the proliferation of devices while managing the growth of cyber threats.

It’s imperative your Cloud investment be optimized to its fullest potential. As a managed Cloud service provider, Thrive offers technical excellence that provides a trusted consulting partner, securely guiding businesses through the world of the Cloud. Thrive’s commitment to tailored services and an array of benefits underscore effectiveness in investment optimization, creating the ideal partnership to ensure your business excels in this digital age. To learn more about how Thrive can optimize your operations, contact us today.